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Nature wastes nothing – why should we? |Overview

A proven forerunner in circular solutions

The building industry is responsible for major societal impact, with 40% of total energy use and 30% of the global amount of waste. Moreover, the concrete business is a major source of excess material. As an industry forerunner, Peikko is determined to be part of the solution and not the problem.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between efficiency and the environment. Raw materials are simply too precious to be wasted. Read on and see how we approach circularity at Peikko.

Moving from linear to circular economy

The goal of circular developments is to move from linear, open-ended economy to a circular, closed-loop economy where materials retain their value, resources are maintained and zero landfill is produced. By definition, a Peikko circular solution means any project that includes both products and a process from Peikko that enables dismounting and reusing. In addition to retaining their value, the product information of Peikko components is preserved throughout the product life cycle.

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Full circularity for building frames

Peikko wants to provide connections that enable the construction, disassembly, and complete reuse possibility of building frames. In time and led by our R&D department, we aim to establish a fully circular product portfolio and building system that enables reusing building materials several times over. Many of our solutions are already compatible with circular economy principles, and our designs can be modified for circularity with minor adjustments.

Bolted connections enabling design for disassembly

Precast construction offers numerous benefits to different stakeholders of the value chain in the construction industry. Extensive testing has shown that Peikko’s bolted connections have great potential in making the construction industry more sustainable and circular. Bolted connections provide fast and safe assemblies of precast concrete elements. In addition, the elements are usually manufactured under controlled factory conditions to ensure quality and precision.

Prevent, minimize, reuse and recycle

We always aim to serve locally with leading solutions in terms of quality, safety and innovation, and have a clear focus on regularly introducing new and tested solutions and services in a wide variety of applications. Our design process leaves products malleable, so that they can be modified into circular solutions. This also makes it possible to find new applications for existing products.

Most of the building industry’s circularity efforts are put into the disposal and energy recovery of manufacturing. At Peikko, we strive to make a bigger impact by preventing and minimizing waste and by reusing and recycling materials.